Cold Air Intake Vs Exhaust System: (Which One You Buy First)

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Are you planning initial installations of aftermarket products for your vehicle? And confused about which one is perfect for your car. Then your problem will short out by reading the above difference between the cold air intake vs exhaust system. 

Both are the most used and preferred modified automotive parts lately. Because every car owner wants a huge improvement in their vehicle’s performance and drivability. 

As you know, cold air intake is an inexpensive way to allow clean, continuous airflow into your engine, giving your car more power and better mileage. An aftermarket exhaust system has a wide pipe structure to allow exhaust gases to exit the car quickly. 

It does not matter that the operation of the exhaust system and the cold air intake are completely different. But they are made to give you a better driving experience. 

These two upgrades can greatly improve the performance of your car, but which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of cold air intake and exhaust upgrades and help you decide which one is best for your car.

How Does Cold Air Intake System Works?

Your vehicle’s factory intake draws in air from the engine compartment which, for obvious reasons, heats up quickly. Cold air intakes, on the other hand, move the air cleaner out of the engine compartment to draw cooler air into the combustion chamber

Aftermarket cold air intakes use several different techniques to reduce the temperature of the intake air. Many of them are made of materials that are conductive at low temperatures or use a heat shield. 

Often the intake pipes are also less restrictive than the original. The air filter used is also an improvement over the standard paper filter. It features a higher-quality filter that offers a higher space path for better airflow. 

This allows you to simply wash your air intake filter instead of having to always buy a new one.

How Does Aftermarket Exhaust System Works?

An exhaust system is a blend of various parts to exhaust harmful gases away from controlled combustion that is available within the engine. The entire system carries the exhaust gases from the engine and includes one or more exhaust pipes. 

It included various components such as an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, resonator, and oxygen sensors. Each component plays a role in vehicle safety. 

Aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to be better breathing systems that are lighter than factory ones. They also often have a larger tube than standard to increase flow. By using this aftermarket exhaust in your car, you easily control the level of sound.

Why You Should Buy Cold Air Intake? – Best Cold Air Intake For Performance

Whether you want to go fast or save money, powerful cold air intake systems can help. And the higher the quality of service, the more benefits a cold air intake system can offer.

1. Inexpensive 

Cold air intakes are among the cheapest auto upgrades than exhaust systems, but you do get a lot for your money. A new intake system can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on how much power and experience you need. 

Also, cold air intake saves you money in the future by giving tremendous support to engine life.

2. Better Power

The amount of air during combustion affects the performance of the engine. Because cold air is more conductive, it helps burn fuel more efficiently compared to warm air. Installing a cold air intake system can increase the performance of your engine. 

The amount of horsepower that can be added depends on the vehicle’s specific configuration.

3. Improve Fuel Economy

Cold air intake provides your car with the oxygen it needs to accelerate harder, perform better and improve fuel economy. Another significant benefit to your performance is mileage. High mileage indicates significant wear and tear on your vehicle. 

This is important information to know if you intend to sell your car shortly. Higher mileage also means more money for repairs.

4. High Airflow

Cold air intakes eliminate the need for a box to wrap the air filter. Softer intake pipes are used instead. This allows for uninterrupted airflow into the engine.

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5. Eco Friendly

Another factor that could increase the value of your car is the ecological aspect. Cold air intakes are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable filters. That means less waste for the planet and cleaner air for you. 

Disposable air filters generally need to be changed every 15,000 miles. Instead, cold air intakes only need cleaning at 50,000 miles.

Why You Should Buy Modified Exhaust?

Most of us do even not realize what an aftermarket exhaust system is apart from its benefits. Here are the top reasons why you should upgrade your car’s exhaust system.

A. Boost the Engine Performance

One of the main reasons to modify the exhaust is to increase engine performance. This is achieved by offering better airflow by using a modified exhaust system. A custom exhaust upgrade opens up the piping to allow for additional airflow. 

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Custom exhaust systems use mandrel bends instead of the pinched bends found on factory exhaust systems. Equal diameter chuck arcs allow for smooth exhaust flow and this frees up engine power for more torque and horsepower.

B. Modified Sound

This is probably the main reason anyone would want to customize their exhaust. If you are not satisfied with the sound your vehicle makes when you step on the gas pedal, this is the best choice to get the sound you want.

C. Better Look

An aftermarket exhaust can improve the look of your car. Many branded auto manufacturers made stylish exhaust systems to offer great aesthetics for your car. 

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It is constructed with premium quality aluminized steel and stainless steel to give you a better look.

D. Boost Fuel Economy

Any change that improves engine efficiency has a direct impact on fuel economy. A custom exhaust system improves airflow and increases engine performance. 

With improved engine performance comes increased fuel efficiency. If your car is low on gas, it’s time to start thinking about an exhaust system upgrade.

E. Longer life

Upgraded exhaust parts last much longer. Factory exhaust systems are usually made from mild steel, while the best aftermarket systems are made from aluminized steel or stainless steel that can last the life of the vehicle.

Cold Air Intake Vs Exhaust: Which You Choose First 

Based on our recommendation, if this is your first aftermarket installation, you should purchase a cold air intake. Because it’s easy to install, cheaper, and gives you high performance in your car. 

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But if you’ve already used the cold air intake, you can opt for an aftermarket exhaust system. After that, you get much better sound, performance, and mileage than just the CAI system. You will also need to tune your vehicle to fit the exhaust system.

Should I get a cold air intake or an exhaust?

Both are used to increase your car’s performance and give a better life to the engine, however cold air intake is more worth to money. An aftermarket exhaust will also improve gas mileage but will produce much louder engine noise than the cold air intake mod.

Remember that you can do both to keep your car running at peak performance. However, with a limited budget, cold air intake is the best place to start.

How much HP does an aftermarket exhaust add?

Most aftermarket exhaust systems will generally offer between a 5 and 20 horsepower increase. However, this number may be higher or lower depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the type/size of the exhaust system installed.

Ultimately, it’s hard to predict how much horsepower an aftermarket exhaust system will add to a given vehicle because so many variables come into play.

What does an aftermarket exhaust do to a car?

An aftermarket exhaust system can unleash all the power of your engine. It can provide a faster and more efficient way for your engine’s exhaust gases to escape, allowing the engine to “breathe” a bit easier.

This allows more fuel and air to burn in the engine, producing more power. In general, a performance aftermarket exhaust system can represent a system that allows the engine to run at its peak performance.

Is cold air intake safe for cars?

Yes, a cold air intake system is a great car modification that improves the cooling performance of your engine. It is engineered to provide cool, dense air to your vehicle motor.

The main advantages of the installation include an increase in power, more responsive acceleration, and reduced fuel consumption.

Is stock exhaust better than aftermarket?

No, standard exhaust systems essentially rob the vehicle of a significant amount of power. They are not as efficient as performance exhaust systems and the difference is noticeable and audible once you make the switch. If you’re looking for better performance, the aptly named performance exhausts are your best bet.

How long do aftermarket exhausts last?

Key exhaust components are designed to last, but there is no way to predict they’re true lifespan. This is because they are subject to many factors that affect durability.

They are mainly made of metal, which corrodes easily as it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. The climate and environment you live in play a bigger role than any engineer could guarantee.

Final Thought

The mod you choose to install on your car will largely depend on your budget, needs, and the aftermarket product already in use on your car. We recommend using your vehicle’s cold air intake first as this is a beginner-friendly aftermarket product.

And it offers a noticeable improvement for every car. However, if your budget allows it, you can use both to add even more performance to your car.

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