Cold Air Intake Vs Short Ram – (5 Top Differences) Which Is Better? 

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Both the cold air intake and the short ram are the most well-known types of intake systems. Knowing the main differences between cold air intake and short ram intake makes a buyer aware. As you know, the power of the car depends on the process of fuel combustion. 

And with more air, your engine can burn out more easily. Therefore, there is a need for an aftermarket intake system to supply more air to the engine through as little resistance as possible. 

So you’ll find there are two common intakes you can buy: a short ram intake and a cold air intake. Most of the buyers are confused, which one is better? Which ones work well for your vehicle? Will which give your car louder noise.

Before we dive into them and hopefully give you the answers you need, let’s understand the differences between them, as well as their working principle.

Each of these systems has its job functions. Let’s see the differences in their performance, practicality, and aesthetics.

Why Should You Upgrade the Intake System? – Know The Reason

We all want high performance from our vehicles. An improved intake system helps us by bringing thoughtful air into the engine’s combustion system. It is used to increase the power of your car, truck, or SUV’s engine by reducing the temperature of the incoming air. 

short ram infusion vs cold air intake

This is done through various types of upgraded intake systems. These aftermarket parts come in a variety of colors and sizes, as another goal of this system is to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s engine bay and also create an attractive intake sound. 

Take a look at the main types of upgraded intake systems:

  • Cold Air Intake 
  • Short Ram Intake
  • Exhaust System
  • Throttle Body Spacer
  • Intake manifolds

What Is Cold Air Intakes?

Cold air intakes are designed to draw the maximum amount of cold air from the vehicle’s exterior, resulting in better performance. Cold air contains more oxygen than warm air which is good for car engines.

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This means the engine can burn fuel more efficiently and produce more power. Also, cold air intakes often have a longer intake pipe than short air intakes, allowing for more airflow and more power. 

Because more material is used, such as more tubing, the cold air system is often more expensive. The increase in cost is also due to the amount of research and development that went into the design of the kits. 

Also, cold air intakes can sometimes be more difficult to install than short RAM intakes. However, by following our expert guide on cold air intake installations, you can easily install it.

What Is Short Ram Intake?

A short ram intake has long been one of the most popular modifications for any vehicle. This form of intake is a simple design and usually consists of replacing the factory intake line with this smooth line and topping it off with an open-air filter. 

It features a simpler design and also has an easy installation process as compared to a cold air intake system. The short ram intake is affordable to buy.

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Unlike a cold air intake, which draws in cool air from outside the engine compartment, a short piston intake is designed to draw in warm air from inside the engine compartment. 

This can result in slightly less power gain compared to a cold air intake, but a short piston intake is generally easier to install and can provide a more significant improvement in throttle response.

5 Top Differences Between Cold Air Intake Vs. Short Ram Intake

While both serve the same basic purpose of increasing airflow to the engine, there are some key differences between the two. To figure out what’s better between cold air and short ram air intake, let’s look at a few aspects.

1. Design 

The intake pipe is larger and is usually positioned away from the engine, for example in the wheel arch or front of the radiator. The air filter is usually larger than that of the factory air intake system and can be designed to be reusable or easily replaceable. 

This results in improved combustion and increased horsepower and torque. On the other hand, Short Ram intakes are designed to draw air from inside the engine compartment. 

The intake tube is shorter and can be positioned close to the engine. The air filter is usually smaller and may be cone-shaped to increase airflow.

2. Sound

Cold air intakes tend to produce louder engine noise than short air intakes. This is because the intake manifold is longer and positioned away from the engine, which allows more air to flow through and creates louder intake noise. 

The larger air filter can also contribute to the noise as it allows more air to flow into the engine.

3. Performance 

The benefit of installing a cold air intake is that cooler air inside the engine results in better engine performance and lower fuel consumption. The short ram intake also performs better than a factory air intake, with more power and torque and better fuel economy.

4. Air Temperature

The main difference between cold air intakes and short tappet intakes is the temperature of the air they draw in. 

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Cold air intakes are designed to draw cold, dense air from outside the engine compartment, while short piston intakes draw warm air from the engine compartment. engine compartment.

5. Installation

A cold air intake typically has more tubes and is therefore a bit more difficult to install than a short piston intake. Short RAM entries, on the other hand, tend to be easier to install and can often be done without modification.

Which One Is Better For Your Vehicle? Short Ram Vs Cold Air Intake

Short air intakes offer several advantages over the stock design, including being cheaper and easier to install, offering a slight increase in performance, and being less restrictive than cold air intakes. 

However, they don’t work as well as cold air intakes, which draw in cooler air from outside the car, resulting in better performance. Now if you’re wondering which one is better, it all comes down to individual choice. 

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If you want to improve the performance of your car, you can opt for a cold air intake, but if you want to make the modification more economical and aesthetic, you can opt for a short air intake. 

All in all, both air intake systems are better than stock air filters; They sit outside the engine and help them draw in cooler air than traditional filters.

Which is better short ram intake or cold air intake?

In short, both are great on their own with their pros and cons. Cold air intake units generally offer more headroom for higher performance, but cost more and are more difficult to install.

Short Ram pickups are cheaper and easier to install but are known to be less performance-dependent and more appealing with louder sounds. Remember that the direction you choose should be based on the direction you are taking with your build.

What is the benefit of short RAM?

The most obvious benefit of installing a short RAM entry is the performance boost it offers. By allowing more air into the engine, horsepower, and torque can be increased.

It also improves throttle response, making your car feel more alive and responsive. Also, your car offers a noticeable amount of increase in sound which you do not feel with the stock intake.

Is more air better for an engine?

Yes, the large air volume improves the vehicle’s performance and MPG. If you want to get the most out of your car’s engine, letting it inhale as much air as possible is a good place to start.

However, too much air can also cause problems as it doesn’t burn well and can overheat the engine. Make sure your vehicle is set up correctly and that you are not driving in extreme temperatures or at high altitudes.

Why do you need to upgrade the intake system?

Because an improved air intake with better airflow can improve combustion and make your engine run better. Because of this, many car enthusiasts replace their stock air intakes with performance upgrades.

Two of the most used and popular upgrades are short ram intake and cold air intake.

Why should you use a short ram intake?

With a short ram air intake, it is less expensive and easier to install than other aftermarket air intakes. And it’s a simple design that fits seamlessly into the space of the old facility with no modifications required.

The short ram intake is the wise choice for you, however, a cold air intake delivers better results to your vehicle.

Final Thought

Both cold air intake and short shock are good aftermarket products for your car. It depends on your needs. If you are looking for a better-performing aftermarket air intake, we recommend going with the cold air intake.

It will give you more horsepower, better fuel economy capabilities, and a richer engine sound. We would only recommend the short ram intake if you don’t like a loud engine, but be sure to get one with a heat shield so you can enjoy more horsepower.

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