5 Best Dodge Charger Cold Air Intake V6 – Detailed Review & Guide To Buy In 2023

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The Dodge Charger is a mighty muscle car from the USA, but like other cars on the market, it needs the right modification to perform at its best. You can easily improve your performance and drivability by installing a dodge charger cold air intake V6.

Aftermarket exhaust systems are great for performance cars like the Dodge Charger. American coupes like this one are known for making a lot of power, even in their base configuration.

To further increase your performance stats and give your rider that much-needed need for speed, something must be installed to increase your power – something like intake systems.

These mods can add up to 15-20 horsepower to most cars, and in the case of the Dodge Charger, any power you can get is a bonus. And it makes a roaring sound like a super muscle car.

So if you’re here to get the best cold air intake for the V6 chargers, look no further. We’ve lifted the heavy load for you and created the ultimate guide on the air intake system for your muscles car.

Our experts created this guide after going through a number of cold air intakes available in the market and having a real experience with these products. We have written these all reviews so you get a great pick for your vehicle. We also take help from the buyers’ reviews so you get what you want.

Our Top Picks For The Best Cold Air Intake For The V6 Charger

If the car engine cannot take in more air, its performance will be significantly affected. With V6 Charger it is important to ensure that the air intake is adequate. Matching air intake systems improve performance by increasing airflow.

These air intake systems are prepared for high performance in cold air or standard replacement or short piston types. Let’s take a look at our 5 top picks for the cold air intake dodge charger v6.

best cold air intake for the v6 charger
K&N Cold Air Intake System For 2011-2015 Dodge Charger V6
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Brand: K&N
  • Fit Type: Vehicle-Specific Fit
  • OEM Part Number: 57-1564
cold air intake dodge charger v6
AF Dynamic Air Intake Systems 2011-2020 Charger 3.6L V6
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Brand: R&L Racing
  • Fit Type: 2011-2020 Charger
  • OEM Part Number: ‎1114-CD-HS
best cold air intake for dodge charger v6
3Our Pick
Airaid AIR-353-210 Cold Air Intake System Dodge Charger
  • Product Grade: Replacement Part
  • Brand: Airaid
  • Fit Type: Vehicle-Specific Fit
  • OEM Part Number: 353-210

How To Shop Premium Quality Cold Air Intake Dodge Charger V6?

After looking at so many air intakes in the car market or online, you may need to find out which one will work well on your Dodge Charger V6. You are not alone and concerned about getting the right product for your vehicle.

We know that there is an unlimited air intake system that you can find on any online sales site. So, here is a correct answer to all your shopping questions regarding the best cold air intake for Dodge Charger v6. 

We answered these questions after using and testing all types of the cold air intake that can fit on the Dodge Charger easily.

A. Cheap Vs Expensive Air Intake

This is the first thing that you may have in your mind. Which is good for your vehicle, a cheap or expensive dodge charger cold air intake V6? Both are designed to give you the same goal, which is to get a denser concentration of oxygen into your engine.

However, their quality is highly influenced by their price. An expensive air intake ensures good filtration, long-lasting performance, a lifetime warranty, and great fuel economy.

On the other hand, cheap air intake is good in the short term. If you want the best value and great performance, an expensive air intake system is the way to go.

B. Plastic or Metal Intake Tube

You have another important decision regarding the intake manifold. Aftermarket intake kits are available with your choice of custom plastic/composite intake tubes or metal/aluminum tubes.

Neither model offers a significant performance advantage over the other, although the metal tubes can get a bit hotter than the plastic versions. So the best thing here is to opt for a plastic intake manifold to prevent overheating.

C. Direct-Fit Vs Universal Air Intake System

There are two types of air intake direct-fit versions and universal. Universal kits offer unique benefits including compatibility with carburetor applications and the ability to custom configure intake manifolds for optimal performance.

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However, these kits sometimes require additional components and may require a little more time and effort to install properly. Direct Fit Kits offer a custom fit just for your Dodge Charger. This makes installation easy and ensures that the final appearance looks good.

D. Dry vs Oiled Filter

Dry cold air intakes do not use oil in their filter media, they are completely dry. These entries require less maintenance and are effective in all weather conditions. While oiled CAI uses oil to capture particles as small as 5 microns.

Oiled filters offer better filtration than dry filters, but require more maintenance and may be less effective in cold weather.

How Cold Air Intakes Are Great Investment For Your Dodge Charger Right Now?

A Dodge Charger’s powerful cold air intake system does more than just lower air temperatures. It also increases airflow for optimized performance. Cold air intake systems use larger, smoother diameter intake tubes with fewer bends, often much wider than OEM versions.

Intake technology for better cold air intake and the use of performance filters in combination with large-diameter air ducts give the engine increased air volume and continuous airflow.

This cost-effective product saves you hundreds, of dollars for Dodge Charger running. Now that you better understand the benefits of Dodge Charger Cold Air Intake Kits, you need the best in the business for your vehicle, which you will surely find in our detailed review.

5 Best Quality Dodge Charger Cold Air Intake V6 To Buy Online In 2023

A cold air intake helps produce better performance in the Dodge Charger by allowing access to cooler outside air. Cooler air means denser air and more oxygen, which can allow for a better rate of fuel consumption and therefore produce more power.

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These power outlets help your car produce that extra horsepower and torque. And it’ll also produce an under-the-hood sound that we’re sure you’ll love. Based on our in-depth analysis, we have put together our top picks and the review for each product is mentioned below:

1. K&N Cold Air Intake System For 2011-2015 Dodge Charger V6

best cold air intake for the v6 charger
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Brand: K&N
  • Fit Type: Vehicle-Specific Fit
  • OEM Part Number: 57-1564
  • Increase up to 8HP
  • More engine growl
  • Rotationally-molded intake tube
  • 60 Minutes installation time
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA

When it comes to increasing the performance of the Dodge Charger V6, this air intake kit works great. It is designed to boost power for models like the 2011-2015 Dodge/Chrysler and V6. Other than that, the systems are designed to last as long as possible depending on driving conditions.

The only advice is to clean the filter at least every 100,000 km. If you compare a bearing system to a k&n cold air intake for a dodge charger V6, it’s safe to say that the latter provides twice as much air as the factory part.

Another great feature is the improvement in towing capacity. It provides high acceleration and uphill performance when towing is significantly increased. This is possible by increasing the throttle response.

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Premium protection keeps the engine safe from harmful contaminants. Additionally, this 2011 Dodge Charger V6 cold air intake is available in a variety of finishes and also comes with powder coat finishes.


  • Boost in performance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Gives Instant difference in horsepower
  • Offer nice throttle response
  • Noticeable sound difference
  • It is made of good quality material


  • The instruction is not well written 

2. AF Dynamic Air Intake Systems 2011-2020 Charger 3.6L V6

cold air intake dodge charger v6
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Brand: R&L Racing
  • Fit Type: 2011-2020 Charger
  • OEM Part Number: ‎1114-CD-HS
  • The intense deep sporty sound
  • Increases up to 10 horsepower
  • Better throttle response
  • 100% New Quality Parts
  • 30-45 minutes installation time
  • No fabrication required

AF Dynamic Air Intake Systems is the most affordable and easiest-to-install air intake system for the Dodge Charger V6. With this package, you get a high-flow air filter and an aluminum heat shield with an insulating mat.

In combination with the heat shield, the reflective insulating material further reduces intake temperatures and heat absorption in the engine compartment. In addition, the manufacturer promises up to 10 power increases and up to 8 torque transitions.

This is a combination that should not be taken lightly. All installation components for this intake system are included. It should be noted that no fabrication, drilling, or cutting is required for installation.

The filter that the system is equipped with is reusable and therefore durable. Besides that, it is 95% more effective than paper filing cabinets. Once you have this air intake installed, the first thing you will notice is the difference in the sound of your V6 engine.

The air intake promotes a deeper, more powerful sound throughout the rev range without making the truck uncomfortably noisy when idling.


  • Outstanding quality cold air intake system
  • Great fit on Dodge Charger
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Offers deep and satisfying sound
  • Reliable airflow


  • Not C.A.R.B. compliant

3. Airaid AIR-353-210 Cold Air Intake System Dodge Charger

best cold air intake for dodge charger v6
  • Product Grade: Replacement Part
  • Brand: Airaid
  • Fit Type: Vehicle-Specific Fit
  • OEM Part Number: 353-210
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Replaces stock air box
  • Offer Lifetime Warranty
  • Simple-to-install
  • Offers top-quality engine protection
  • Made in the USA

This air intake system works on the Dodge Charger by supplying more air to your engine to then release a lot of unused potential. Additionally, the herringbone Airaid inlet tube is powder coated inside and out for improved flow.

On the other hand, the air box houses a premium air filter for exceptional airflow and filtration. Air is directed through a new high-density polyethylene air intake tube that has been developed using extensive computer modeling to maintain accurate mass airflow readings and calibrations.

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It is designed to speed up the airflow to your Dodge Charger’s engine and reduce turbulence to improve your vehicle’s performance. The installation process is relatively simple. Each Airaid air intake system is designed to bolt into your vehicle’s manufacturer’s mounting points.

As a result, it contributes to easy adjustment and installation. Also, the removable filter is easily accessible for maintenance and reinstallation. And your Airaid intake system is backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Gargantuan intake piping
  • Snug, OEM-tight fitment
  • Very easy to bolt on
  • Reusable/Washable air filter
  • Great sound enhancement


  • Some additional mounting parts are not included

4. aFe Power 51-72201 Stage-2 Intake System

dodge charger v6 cold air intake
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Brand: AFe Power
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • OEM Part Number: 51-72201
  • Moto-Molded Intake Tubes
  • Built-In Sight Window
  •  9″ Tall Inverted Top Filter
  • Direct bolt-in kit
  • Comes with stainless steel clamps

This Stage 2 air intake is incredibly well-engineered and produces an additional 24 horsepower and 32 lb-ft of peak torque gains. CAI Stage 2 systems are intended for enthusiasts who want luxurious upgrades for their vehicles.

These types of cold air intake systems are blessed with specially designed airflow ports and rotationally molded or aluminum covers. The hose is lightweight and notched for the AC compressor line.

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The well-thought-out system features a pug to allow more or less air into the airbox. The airbox gasket is a 99% perfect fit and comes pre-cut. To provide more capacity they have a larger filter and an extra air intake to provide extra air volume for more power.

AFe Power uses heavy-duty T-bolt clamps on these 2012 Dodge Charger v6 cold air intakes to ensure the most secure mounting. For a hassle-free installation, factory mounting points are used to create a one-piece sealed housing.


  • Good for fuel economy.
  • Deliver roar and throaty sound
  • Provide improved mileage
  • The great increase in power
  • User-oriented installation


  • Not CARB certified right now

5. Mopar 77070045AB Cold Air Intake

k&n cold air intake dodge charger v6
  • Product Grade: Performance Part
  • Brand: Mopar
  • Fit Type: Dodge Charger V6
  • OEM Part Number: 77070045AB
  • Offer noticeable horsepower and torque enhancement
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Replaces stock air box
  • Offer Lifetime Warranty
  • Better throttle response

The Mopar 77070045AB Cold Air Intake is a highly efficient and sophisticated intake kit for the Dodge Charger V6 to protect the engine and maintain performance under harsh road conditions.

The beautifully finished carbon fiber tubes are not only strong and lightweight but are also an excellent material for withstanding the heat penetrating the intake air. That makes it a great choice for track rats or drivers with cars known for being a little toasty under the hood.

The owner of a Dodge Charger RT praised its resistance to heat and said that his previous recordings were starting to melt. This cold air intake system is easy to install with basic tools and no additional parts are required for installation that is not included.

Only high-quality silicone couplings, elbows, and hoses were used in the manufacture and not cheap rubber. Since this is an intake system we are talking about, an improvement in airflow is also essential.

Mopar systems are designed to deliver up to 20% more air and that wouldn’t be the best level, but it’s enough when added to the other benefits.


  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Significant fuel economy
  • Very easy to bolt on
  • Offer nice throttle response
  • Perfectly fit on Dodge Charger V6


  • Some customers complaints missing parts

Top FAQs About K&N Cold Air Intake Dodge Charger

Which is the top quality cold air intake for the V6 Charger?

After extensive research and testing of a large number of aftermarket intake systems, we selected the 57-1564 K&N Cold Air Intake Systems as the premium cold air intake for the v6 Charger.

This air intake provides a very convenient path for oxygen-rich air to flow into your engine. It also features a heat shield to prevent the entry of air from a very hot hood. According to the manufacturer, you will get about 8 hp and experience great engine sound.

With an expert step-by-step guide and all the essential parts provided with this package, you can easily assemble this air intake in 1 hour.

Which cold air intake fit on the 2011 Dodge Charger V6?

The Airaid AIR-353-210 cold air intake system is highly compatible with the 2011 Dodge Charger. It is designed to deliver high-quality cold air to your engine for high power and performance.

It comes with an aerodynamically designed intake manifold to reduce heat and increase airflow to the engine. This air intake also has a washable and reusable air filter to eliminate all kinds of engine problems and give it a long service life.

An owner of a 2011 Dodge Charger said that after installing this air intake, he experienced an increase in horsepower of about 15-20 horsepower on that vehicle.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a Dodge Charger?

The number of power steps depends largely on the type of cold pickup you purchase for your Dodge cargo. It can be from 5 to 15 hp. In general, a quality cold air intake can provide a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque, typically in the 5 to 15 horsepower range.

However, it is important to note that actual performance improvements will depend on many factors, including intake system design, air filter quality, and engine condition.

Do I need a tune after cold air intake?

The short answer is yes, every time you change the airflow on an engine you need a custom tune to compensate for the change. Some intakes don’t modify airflow enough that you need a custom setting. So it’s important to determine which ones you have.

Proper tuning can help adjust the air-fuel ratio and optimize engine performance to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

Does Cold air give you better gas mileage?

Yes, a cold air intake can improve fuel economy in many vehicles like the Dodge Charger. Cold air intakes ensure better combustion of the air-fuel mixture, so less fuel is consumed.

Because more oxygen is pumped into the combustion chamber, the overall process becomes more efficient and saves money. So adding a better filter can also improve fuel economy and engine performance.

Does cold air intake sound louder on Dodge Charger?

Yes, your car’s sound will be louder and more aggressive with a cold air intake. However, instead of increasing volume, sucking in cold air changes the sound of your car’s engine.

You will hear the sound of air flowing into the intake, especially when you accelerate the car and then release the accelerator pedal. This is a very satisfying sound that will make your car sound more aggressive and even faster.

Final Thought

You can upgrade your Dodge Charger V6 with a high-quality cold air intake for improved performance, more power and torque, and better engine sound. With these cold air intake reviews discussed, you can unlock your vehicle’s full potential and take your driving experience to the next level.

They efficiently improve the power and torque of the Dodge Charger V6 engine.

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