Does Cold Air Intake Void The Warranty? – Step By Step Expert Guide

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Like most people looking to upgrade their vehicle with an aftermarket part, you may be wondering if cold air intake will void your warranty. Your confusion is correct. And we will try to solve this question in this article.

Adding a cold air intake to a car engine makes it more powerful by caring high airflow into its chamber combustion, but does it negatively affects your car warranty? In fact, no car owner would intentionally void their car’s warranty coverage.

However, certain actions, such as using the wrong oil for your engine and modifying your car with some aftermarket accessories, can void your warranty. And, adding a cold water line may or may not void your warranty; we will explain it below.

In this post, we will see how adding cold air intake does not affect the car warranty and which modification affects the vehicle warranty. Keep reading to know more!

Can Fitting A Cold Air Intake Nullify the Warranty?

Many people wonder if installing a cold air intake in their car will void the manufacturer’s warranty. In the United States, under the current Consumer Products Warranty Act, the answer to this question is no.

Therefore, fitting a cold air intake to your car is perfectly legal and will not jeopardize your warranty. This means you can invest in improving performance without worrying about the negative consequences.

However, it also means you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on a product that might not do what you expect. However, there are some circumstances where adding a cold air intake could void your warranty.

For example, when you install a new cold air intake on your vehicle. And after installation, you will have some problems with your car. Then take your car to the dealer to have this problem fixed.

Your dealer will investigate the root cause of the problem and if the problem is due to the change you made your warranty will be void. You essentially voided your warranty by installing a cold air intake.

On the other hand, if the problem detected is not related to the aftermarket cold air intake, your warranty claim will be valid and your dealer will likely be responsible for the cost of correcting the problem.

However, you should do your research and make sure you are buying a genuine aftermarket accessory that will not cause problems. Also, the installation must be done correctly by an experienced mechanic.

What Upgradation Void A Warranty?

Now that you have the answer to your question, “Does a cold air intake void your warranty?”, And now we explore other modifications that can void a car warranty like tire and wheel upgrades, catalytic converters, audio system modifications, and many more.

The most important thing to remember when modifying your car is to always ensure that the modifications follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. This protects both your vehicle and your warranty coverage in case something goes wrong. Look at them

A. Engine Change

Some of us want cars to be supersonic. Although it’s practically impossible, they try every other method to improve speed. The easiest way to do this is to remap the engine. A remapped engine can be a valid reason for the car brand to void the warranty.

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B. Electric System Modification

A wide range of electrical modification options is available, such as horns, lights, etc. Since this accessory requires additional power sources, it will result in tampering with the vehicle’s original wiring harness. The battery and alternator are additionally charged and damaged or weakened.

C. Catalytic Converter

Changing a car’s catalytic converter in any way would void the warranty and would be illegal. So before changing or modifying it, consult the user manuals.

D. Exhaust System

The exhaust is an essential part of the car and plays a prominent role in the combustion cycle. Several buyers are getting a free-flow exhaust system on their vehicles for better performance.

However, this can cause serious engine problems and the car can start to pollute the environment more. Therefore, in such a situation, the manufacturers will never give any kind of guarantee to the buyers.

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What Mods Will Not Null The Warranty? – How To Not Void Your Car Warranty

There are many other modifications that will not void your warranty but will provide you with a high level of performance from your vehicle. The cold air intake is also a great investment in your car. Let’s examine another modification:-

1. Adding a High-Flow Air Filter

You can install a high-flow air intake to increase airflow in your car’s engine without voiding your warranty. Adding one of these to the intake of the car would allow more air into the engine, making it work less.

2. Lights

Without affecting your manufacturer’s warranty, you can customize your lighting system to fit your personality. There are many options available to modify your headlights and taillights, resulting in powerful light output.

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3. Fitting Camera

You can also put a camera on the tailgate to make reversing easier. If your car doesn’t already have one, installing a rearview camera is a good idea. If you get too close while trying to park in a tight space, an alarm will sound.

4. Suspension

You can install coils with shock absorbers or springs on your car. A good coil set will help keep the vehicle stable at high speeds and cornering. You don’t have to worry about the warranty as these coil/shock and strut modifications are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer.

How To Avoid Voiding Any Car Warranty?

There is a possibility that your warranty may be voided if you do not refer to the service schedule. Not all dealers will remind you of your service needs, but some will remind you periodically to provide better customer service.

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In both cases, you need to remain vigilant and have your car serviced according to schedule. Another way to avoid voiding your car warranty is to only use parts and fluids recommended by the manufacturer. Using unauthorized or aftermarket parts or fluids can often void your warranty, so it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Any guarantee can have a humanistic aspect, and not everyone will be strict and strict about the conditions. You can find any service manager to help you get out of the way. On the other hand, there may be someone who does not commit one bit.

Top FAQs About Cold Air Intake Void Warranty

Will an aftermarket intake void my warranty?

No, the Consumer Product Warranty Act of 1975 states that the manufacturer and seller of a product must provide buyers with a comprehensive warranty on their product. As long as the installation of a cold air intake does not cause damage to the engine system, the vehicle’s warranty will not be affected.

The warranty alone can be voided if the car starts throwing the throwing ratio, throwing air/fuel codes, or if the engine is damaged the manufacturer can blame the cold air intake and reject the warranty.

Does car modification affect the warranty?

No, while many of us generally believe that any modification will void your warranty, the truth is a little less clear. But the fact is that if the installed product cause any damage to the existing car system, and the dealer prove that it is due to modification, then the warranty of your vehicle is void.

In other words, even if you’ve added an aftermarket exhaust, your warranty will remain valid if your radiator is leaking.

What modifications can you do without voiding the warranty?

Modifications to the wheels, lights, camera, and suspension will not void the vehicle’s warranty. Because this update does not damage or change the structure of the vehicle. In fact, in most cases, it enhances the driving experience and that also gives your car appearance and performance.

Always make sure you are using a quality product and install it correctly to avoid further problems.

What upgrades can void the car warranty?

Complex vehicle modifications such as the installation of supercharging parts such as turbochargers or other upgrades such as chip tuning directly and radically affect the engine to increase performance.

Therefore, they can all void your car warranty. When determining your expectations, budget, and time for a car modification, you should pay more attention to the safety of your car’s factory settings and components.

Otherwise, if you use car mods to void your car warranty, you may have to spend a significant amount of money and time if something goes wrong.

Can cold air intake void the Ram vehicle’s warranty?

No. Adding a cold air intake will not void the manufacturer’s warranty on your Ram vehicle. A cold air intake is a device that increases airflow to the engine by drawing cooler air from outside the vehicle.

It typically replaces or installs in the existing factory air box and requires no modifications to the vehicle.

How do I keep my car warranty valid?

One of the best ways to avoid voiding your car warranty is to make sure you follow all recommended service intervals. That means bringing the car in for regular oil changes, tire changes, and other necessary maintenance.

By keeping up to date with these service intervals, you can help keep your car in good condition and avoid problems that could void your warranty.

Final Thought

Does fitting a cold air intake void the warranty? No, it doesn’t, but if the cold air intake contributes to a future problem with the vehicle, your dealer could void your claim and you would have to pay 100% of the repair.

But as a car owner, you have to be vigilant and see what to do to save the warranty and not get denied. Frequent maintenance schedule reviews will help keep your car in good running order, and records show that you take care of your vehicle on a regular basis.

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